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Güncelleme: 11:17 TS 27 Ağu., 2000
Zeugma finds a “secret” patron  
Packard   Packard Humanities Institute, founded by Hewlett-Packard heir David Packard, Jr., donates $5 million to excavations at Belkıs-Zeugma in Southeastern Turkey
David Packard, 1912-1996, Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company
   August 23 —  The American businessman David Packard, Jr., son of the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company and head of the Packard Humanities Institute, has initiated a donation of $5 million to fund the archeological excavations that are taking place in Belkıs-Zeugma, the ancient site in Southeastern Turkey that is under threat of inundation by the waters of the Birecik Dam. Concentrated efforts continue by international archeological teams to rescue the historical ruins from burial in the Euphrates River. 

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  The daily newspaper Hürriyet reported in its Tuesday edition that David Packard of Hewlett-Packard, a former academic of ancient languages and archeology, had shown an interest in the ongoing Zeugma project. It reported that Packard had expressed a desire to contribute to the project and after negotiations with the authorities in charge, signed a protocol for the donation of $5 million by the Packard Humanities Institute. This amount, it is said, may be raised to $10 million if necessary.
Wishing to remain low-profile, David Packard said the donation was a contribution of the Packard Humanities Institute and not a personal one. He explained that the Institute was concerned with archeological programs around the world and that, as its head and founder, he had suggested and initiated a donation to Zeugma. Packard’s donation, it was noted, did not find its way into the Turkish news agencies, presumably because of his inaccessibility to reporters.
In an interview with Hürriyet, Packard said he fully supported Turkish businessmen who were contributing their efforts and funds to the Zeugma project. Stating that there were many projects to be taken on in Turkey, Packard said his Institute would be interested in further cooperation in future archeological and cultural missions. He stressed the importance of preserving the valuable mosaics and frescoes retrieved from ancient sites at appropriate locations, and said that the Packard Humanities Institute could also channel funds to support the establishment of a museum for this purpose.
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