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Excavations resume at ancient Hittite sites
The excavation for this year in the capital of Hittite capital of Hattusa will focus on the pools unearthed last year.
12 Temmuz — Turkish and foreign archaeologists have begun another season of excavations at a series of significant Hittite sites in central Anatolia, aiming to uncover more of the ancient past that helps make up Turkey’s present.


  It was little more than a century ago that the very existence of the Hittite Empire came to light. Before then, nothing was known either of the empire or its people, barring a few obscure references in the Bible.
       Now, thanks to the work of generations of archaeologists and researchers, the history of these ancient people and their empire, which lasted more than 1,300 years, is being revealed.
       This year, work will be carried out at Hittite sites at Boazkale, Alacahöyük, ?apinuva and Hüseyindede, all in the central province of Çorum. At Boazkale, the ancient Hittite capital Hattusa, excavations first began in 1906. The head of the digging team currently working at Boazkale is Dr. Jürgen Seeher of the German Archaeological Institute.
       Last year, according to Dr. Seeher, excavations uncovered four large pools, two of which measured 75 by 15 metres. Study of these two pools and the final excavation of the others will allow the archaeologists to learn more about the water resources, water distribution and protection systems in the Hittite capital, Seeher said.
       At its height, the Hittite Empire was the dominant force in what is now Anatolia and beyond, stretching from the Aegean to the Tigris River and from the Black Sea to Palestine.

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