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Army denies rift over Cyprus
The Turkish Foreign Ministry also issued a statement rejecting media claims there was tension between the government and the armed forces over the Cyprus question.
January 6 - There is no difference of opinion between the Turkish government and the armed forces over plans to find a solution to the Cyprus question, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement issued Monday.


  The statement denied reports carried in the Turkish media that the military opposed a draft plan to be put forward by the Foreign Ministry to help United Nations sponsored efforts to reunify the two states on the island. These proposals include reducing the number of Turkish troops stationed in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).
       “The report does not reflect the truth,” the statement issued by the General Staff said. “The Turkish armed forces believe in the importance and necessity of finding a just and durable solution to the Cyprus problem through negotiations.”
       Earlier on Monday, the Foreign Ministry issued a similar statement, denying any rift between the government and the armed forces.
       “The Ministry continuously holds necessary consultations and makes necessary evaluations since preparations were started to determine position of Turkish side in a possible talks process,” the statement said. “Therefore, our efforts aim at assuming a common attitude.”
       The Foreign Ministry said that any reports suggesting that the military were opposed to steps to resolve the dispute on Cyprus did not reflect the reality of the situation.
       “Therefore, claims and comments that appeared in a newspaper do not reflect the realities. The Ministry is sad to see that news,” it said.

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